For Sale: S13 Cusco coilovers

I have a bunch of expenses coming up over the next few months, so need to sell off some stuff. The cash from these will help me buy a bunch of bits for the AE86 from Techno Toy Tuning!

I bought these for the Bluebird project, so they’ve been sitting around in the shed for 12 months or so. They have no leaks, and as far as I know no knocks at all.

The rears are damper adjustable, fronts aren’t as far as I can tell.

Rear helper springs are removable if you want to go super low.

Fronts are camber adjustable at the top as well as at the bottom – they have a slotted top hole.

They even have Japanese writing. So legit. Chasing $700. Call or SMS on 0438 432205 or email

Gratuitous Silvia shot because I can. Share this post on your facebook account or whatever – help me sell my stuff because you love me!!

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