The AE86: So close

Hey y’all! Sorry I’ve been quiet lately! I’ve been making progress though:

The car is so close to being done! Since we last talked I have had a new bonnet repaired and repainted by Stewart at 3P Auto, and I’ve completely re-coloured the interior trims, passenger seat, etc. Here’s how it looks inside now:

I think it looks awesome, personally! Much better than it has any right to anyway. Still needs the roof lining done, that’ll come soon. I will also be lifting the ceiling a little for more head room for my helmet.

So tomorrow it’s off to get the brakes done, then this Sunday after Drift Attack I’ll be installing new rear suspension etc, Monday I get registration inspection done, Tuesday I get a wheel alignment and then cross my fingers and hope the registration gets approved by Friday so I can compete in my first event that weekend! Stay tuned.

Hope you guys dig how it is turning out as much as I do.

3 thoughts on “The AE86: So close

  1. was wondering if you were still kickin!

    but good work mate, looks like its 99% done ready for some hard driving.

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