A New Arrival: The Garage Dusty AE86

A lot has happened since I last checked in. Hopefully I’ll be upgrading my computer soon and will be able to post more. But anyway, a quick get-everyone-up-to-speed is required.

The Bluebird is gone. I no longer had a place to work on it so it was impossible to continue with the project. That’s sad, but it was a crisitunity rather than a crisis.

I still wanted a club/track car. Not having somewhere to work meant that I needed something that was more or less built, at least mechanically, and would be reliable. I decided on a 4A-GE converted KE70. With my budget being deliberately small, I thought I’d be waiting a while for something to come up.

As luck would have it, my mate Rob mentioned a couple of weeks ago that another mate was selling his 86. I hadn’t considered an 86 because they’re generally too expensive, but this one was only a little above what I wanted to spend on a KE70. And it was an 86, for christ’s sake. With the deal done, the car arrived at my place today…

It’s a 1983 Australian delivered AE86 Levin (yes I know it wasn’t delivered as a Levin, but it is now…). It has a proper RWD JDM 4A-GE (not a FWD with a cut & shut manifold). It runs a Microtech piggyback, has a 2.5″ exhaust, a HD clutch and a big oil cooler. Suspension is Cusco coilovers up front, with choppies in the back.  Inside it has my old Bride Zeta II, a pink dildo shifter and (after some work today) a Nardi and quick release boss. The rear has been stripped. On the outside it has shitty yellow paint, a TRD N2 spoiler and a Bunnings front lip.

The wheels aren’t mine, I have to return them.

So to the plans.

As you can see it needs a new bonnet and some window trims.  They will go on ASAP, and the car will be painted white with black bumpers. It will also have the sunroof welded up and some very minor rust removed. I will then paint the interior & door jambs white to match at home to save money. Wish me luck with that.

The wheels will be my red 15×8 +/- 0 XXR 513s. They’re the same size as the Grid-Vs on it now and will fit great.  I also have some 15×6.5 or 7 Hasemis that will be used as spares or possibly circuit wheels with semis on them.

The rear suspension will be upgraded with short stroke KYB shocks and some custom made low springs. The hatch area will cop some bracing.

I’ll throw on a generic cannon muffler or something to free up the top end and make pretty noises – it has a stock muffler at the moment.

Inside I’ll just do the aforementioned painting , throw on a dash mat and get the seat rail dropped lower. And maybe some other trinkets & toys but we’ll see.

And that’ll be about it for stage 1. Then it will be time to hit the track. I feel like this could hopefully be a car I have for a long time and slowly build up. Down the track I’d love to fit a cage, heaps of bracing and maybe one day a 20v and have myself a real track weapon. The beauty of an 86 is that there are heaps of possibilities. For now, though, I’m stoked on it.

Lots more pics to come when I have more light, too. Stick around because I think this whole “Living the 86 life” thing will be pretty cool.

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