2011 Winton Matsuri: Pit lane part 1

This is the only pic I got of Nigel’s car for some reason. Came out great though. The man has a knack of parking his car in a cool spot.

I do love Hoshinos.

Blue anodized Uras NS-02s took this JZX100 from neat to super cool.

Speaking of wheels…

SSR Agle Strusse. Specs are something like 18xEpic -Epic. Car isn’t half bad either. Props for the pulled overfenders.

While we’re on the whole epic overfenders over epic wheels, um, yeah.

That’ll work.

Christian’s rat rod Silvia looked trend-setting.

And it killed locusts. Scary.

Regulars will remember Paul’s S14 from last year’s GD coverage of All Japan Day. The car has continued to evolve since then and still looks awesome.

His sticker game has always been tight…

I mentioned Alex’s 332kw in a previous post. Here’s where it comes from…

More tomorrow hopefully, including the epic black JZX100.

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