2011 Winton Matsuri: On track part 2

It was great to see Alex’s Silvia in action, fresh from Formula Drift Thailand and making a Tuned by Dr Drift 332rwkw from a nitrous-fed SR.

It definitely cranked out the smoke. At one stage I saw Alex link the track from the entry to the sweeper all the way though to the exit of the 3rd hairpin. Something to see…

Shamal’s Sileighty looked cool with a slightly-less-ghetto-than-normal garden edging front lip.

Although it is a Japanese term, I’m hereby fighting back against the word “missile”. This is zombie drift at its finest.

I may disagree with his views on fitment and ride height, but you can’t argue with Nisskid’s angle.

Graffiti and drift. A match made in heaven.

My favourite team on the weekend was Hit and Run. More on them in the next post.

Love the look, and love the photo. Another one I consider to be a definitive Matsuri photo.

So cool. Lots of static shots of this car to come.

Is this the most famous drift car in Australia? All the die hards, at least, remember Alexi’s old Go180. Looks sensational now too!

I’ll be back soon with shots from the pits.

2 thoughts on “2011 Winton Matsuri: On track part 2

    1. I have at least one more mate, I’ll post it and any others I can find over the weekend when I get a chance.

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