Project Silvia: Stanced, but unbraked.

The news is that I’ve finally sorted out my LCAs. The GOOD news is that with the LCAs approprately adjusted, the stance is finally exactly how I want it.

All I need to do now is add a degree or 2 of negative camber and hope they stop scrubbing… 🙂

Now to the problems I’m still facing. Firstly, the minor things are that the fronts are scubbing like mad and the wheel alignment is hilarious. But they’re easy fixes. The bigger problem is that I’ve completely lost my brakes! I’m thinking there must be a leak somewhere, so when I get some spare time and a helper I’m going to track it down to see what’s going on.

But til then the car will sit here, brooding…

Like 3D from Massive Attack once said, if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing slowly.

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