Lowdown Bluebird: The pretty bits!

The one car that I have actually been active on (sort of) is the Bluebird! First, I got this for it:

(Well, I already had the Nardi, but I got the boss kit!)

Then I got these:

Yep, fender mirrors! Look, they reflect things!

Yes that’s right, I am invisible… An enigma, if you will.

Then yesterday, the main part of the car arrived:

Is there anything more beautiful than box fresh wheels? I’ll answer for you. No.

XXR 513s in red. 15×8 +/- 0. Although I’ll probably cop some hate for buying cheap wheels, remember that this is a budget project. With that in mind, I think these are going to look sensational on the car!

They have a 3.5 inch lip, so they’re plenty deep. I’ll be fitting 195/50s soon, which should have the perfect balance between stretch, traction and, most importantly, cheapness!

So there it is, pretty much all the pretty bits for the car together. I have secured a place to keep and work on the car, so it’ll go there in a few weeks and the work will start! I’m hoping to have it done by mid-late January, so there’ s plenty of hard work in front of me.

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