The New Project: It ain’t glamorous…

Around 3 or so years ago I bought a 1986 Bluebird TRX for $250 to use as a club car. As time has gone by I’ve sort of forgotten about it for one reason or another, and the focus has gone onto other things. But in the last few weeks I’ve decided that since I’ve wanted a car I could compete in for about 10 years or so, and I had a perfectly good car sitting in a paddock rotting away, there’s only one reasonable conclusion to draw.

I need to build this Bluebird.

So that’s what I’m going to do! Here’s the plan:

The budget is $2-3,000. This is going to be a real budget thing. The car will be built to compete in the “Standard” class. That means no big power mods, no engine conversions, nothing silly like that.  Me being me though, there are a couple of things that have to happen. The car has to be presentable. Although it has been sitting in a paddock for the last 5+ years, it can’t look like it has. So with that in mind the car will be getting a new paintjob, albeit a very cheap one.

Also non negotiable for me is the stance. So the car will sit right. S13 coilovers and 15×8 Sportmaxx wheels will go onto the car. I know Sportmaxx isn’t ideal, but with the budget I have nothing else will give me the right stance.

The other big thing (and again, it is always going to happen if I’m building a car) is it has to look at least a bit Japanese. So I’ll be having  fun with a few period-style mods that will no doubt confuse the fine bearded folk down at the local car club. All part of the fun of a project like this!

I’ve started buying bits. Here’s the first things I’ve grabbed to go on the car:

Some Hi-Tech (LOL!)  brand headers for the princely sum of $64. Might give me what, 1kw? That’d probably be about a 25% power increase so it’d be a good result…

That’s a TRX front lip spoiler. The one on my car disappeared long before I got it, so this was required. Picked up for the quite reasonable (I think) price of $1. The slight problem is that it is meant to be in 1 piece, not 3. But still…

…I reckon it’s fixable. Some zip ties, a lick of paint and some period stickers and it’ll be good as new. Kinda.

So that’s where we are right now! I’ve got a couple more bits on the way this week, then I’ll have to sort out the coilovers & wheels and we’ll be ready to start fixing rust and getting it pretty again.

Just to give you an idea of the basic car, here it is in a shot taken a long time ago:

Lots to do, then…

There’s also the small matter of a still not finished Silvia – I’ll update you on that soon. Things are still happening, I’ve just taken a bit of a break from it.

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