Galant: Vandalism and a Front Lip

A couple of weeks ago my Galant was parked in a carpark while I happily engaged in the opiate of the masses (shopping) when someone kindly decided that it no longer needed a spoiler. The end result was this:

and after some cleaning up and electrical tape, this:

I have bought a small lip spoiler for the car, and it goes in to 3P Automotive for repairs on Monday.

The other thing I’ve decided to do is clean up the front bumper.

I’ve knocked up a subtle front lip, and will get that fitted up once the bumper is repaired.

Mid next week the car should look a fair bit different! Stay tuned for pictures.

5 thoughts on “Galant: Vandalism and a Front Lip

  1. I missed the lip installation in light of a car parked in the background which does not containing epic fitment….. Whats the deal?

    Lip looks the goods. Will protect the bar nicely seeing as you are so low. My front bar looks like it had a fight with a cheese grater and lost. Once the bar gets redone without a tow hook cover i’ll be doing this too ๐Ÿ™‚

    And no spoiler FTW. It doesn’t look “spoiled” by it any more!

    1. 17×7.5 +48 not good enough for you? Just be thankful that they’re on my Dad’s Magna rather than still on my Galant…

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