Project Silvia: Fitment y0!

It had to be done:

I hope that product placement gets me cheap tuning…

I pulled the car out of the shed tonight and had my first look at it basically finished, at least visually. Put simply I’m rapt. It is pretty special to see something in the flesh that up until now I’ve only seen in my head. It looks exactly how I hoped.

I’ve decided I probably won’t post any full car pics until it is running, though. Gotta keep the interest up somehow…

5 thoughts on “Project Silvia: Fitment y0!

  1. Thanks!
    Have to lip mines to. But i was stupid and havent done it before painting the body.
    How you did it(newspaper? roller? else?) and was it before/after painting?
    Did paint cracked?
    This warring me a lot becouse the corroison in my area is very strong. Its raining all the time.

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