Project Silvia: Front Wheels.

Posted: June 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Wheels are on. That is all.

Rears? Maybe next weekend. I’m tired now.

  1. unclepaulie says:

    thats some terrible fitment 😛

    looks even better, hurry up.

    i notice your old galant wheels on that magna, did you sell the galant?

    • ygoslo says:

      Nah mate the Galant’s still around! The old Alstadts got donated to my Dad for his Magna when I got the Grenades.

      Still half considering 18×9.5 +35 Rota Grids for the Galant. But I think I should do the timing belt etc first so the engine doesn’t explode.

      • unclepaulie says:

        grids and timing belt…sounds exact same as me.

        although im tryin to hunt down some 18×9+38 cst hyper 1’s. it a tough call. cst’s or grids….

      • ygoslo says:

        CSTs, hands down. But see if you can get 9.5s.

  2. madskilzflecknoe says:

    Wheels look siiiik!
    Aden wants a photo shoot with your car.
    Both same colour / super made kits!
    Should be sick

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