Project Silvia: Front Wheels.

Wheels are on. That is all.

Rears? Maybe next weekend. I’m tired now.

5 thoughts on “Project Silvia: Front Wheels.

  1. thats some terrible fitment 😛

    looks even better, hurry up.

    i notice your old galant wheels on that magna, did you sell the galant?

    1. Nah mate the Galant’s still around! The old Alstadts got donated to my Dad for his Magna when I got the Grenades.

      Still half considering 18×9.5 +35 Rota Grids for the Galant. But I think I should do the timing belt etc first so the engine doesn’t explode.

      1. grids and timing belt…sounds exact same as me.

        although im tryin to hunt down some 18×9+38 cst hyper 1’s. it a tough call. cst’s or grids….

  2. Wheels look siiiik!
    Aden wants a photo shoot with your car.
    Both same colour / super made kits!
    Should be sick

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