World Time Attack Challenge: Pro Class

Seeing these cars first hand in Australia was something pretty special. So special, in fact, that I probably went a little overboard with the photos. I’m pretty proud of how a lot of them turned out though, so I have decided to post a heap more than usual. To save your computer from melting, I’m doing something a little different. Here’s some thumbnails. I hope you enjoy them. If you do, feel free to repost them wherever you like! Just be sure to link back to Garage Dusty so I feel popular.

Fair to start with the record breaker I think. The Sun Cyber Evo ran a 1:30.5870. Note the stretched tyres. Just waiting for someone to say they caused the delaminated bootlid that ended Tarzan’s day…

Second up today is the PanSpeed RX7. Incredible looking car. Sounds pretty special too. Sisaki-San’s best time was a 1:32.4540. And no, the photo of Sisaki-San in the pits wasn’t taken at Tsukuba, regardless of how much it looks like it was!

Next is the Pro Staff R-Magic FD. This was my favourite looking car of the weekend. I’ve got something pretty special up my sleeve for the blog with this car, so stay tuned later in the week for more.  Kinoshita-San ran a 1:33.5050.

In second place, and in first for most of the weekend, was the incredibly aggressive looking Sierra Sierra Evo from America. David Empringham ran a 1:31.8840, 1.2970 seconds behind Tarzan Yamada in the Cyber Evo.

The Tomei/Cusco WRX was third on the day, with Tarzan running a 1:31.9010. Another great looking car, and great to photograph too.

The Hi Octane Advan R34 was a disappointment. It looks wrong (too high and narrow) and it was inconsistent and unreliable all weekend. Mark Berry’s best time was a still-quick 1:34.1090, and it might be a contender with further development. May I suggest 25mm spacers?

The Prep’d Motorsport Elise was the quickest Australian car. In the hands of Warren Luff (who is hopefully less of a douche than his dad) the full-carbon car ran a best time of 1:32.2730. Couldn’t find any details of this car anywhere, so if you know more, please comment and tell the story!

Another Elise was running – this one with a 320hp supercharged Honda S2000 motor. Best time was a 1:37.4240. I liked shooting these cars – they’re little so they fit in the frame easily!

And the last one. The Fernandez ex-V8 Supercar now running an XR6 turbo motor sounded great, but could only manage a 1:40.2170. The car missed all of Friday as it was only finished on Friday night!

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