Project Silvia: Clear Headlight Lenses

OK so I’m off work sick today, so thought I might as well make the most of the time by starting my headlight conversion…

I know they’re sought after and all, but really, the stock 1988 J’s headlights are still just the best of a bad lot. The lenses make them look 1000 years old.

All you have to do, though, is hit the light with some heat…

….and in no time it’ll look like a robot!

Not finished yet (haven’t sealed the new lense on) but this gives you an idea of the difference!

I might see if I can re-chrome the low beam reflector somehow. But even with it as it is now, I think it looks great.

Dropped in to 3P today as well, and at this stage we’re hoping that the kit will be on the car by Thursday. You know I’ll have plenty of pics as soon as it happens…

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