Project Silvia: New Radiator

Well the bodykit didn’t arrive (held up in customs apparently – I ordered the non-drugs model so hopefully mine gets through) but my new alloy radiator did. Before my car became a collection of parts on my shed floor I was running an alloy radiator, but it was pretty nasty and was meant for a CA, so I had some dodgy piping going on to make it fit. It also only had a 38mm core.

So that brings me to today’s arrival. A brand new 52mm radiator, this time actually meant for an SR. I’ll be getting a silicone hose kit for it as well, just as soon as I work out whether I need an S13 or S14 one. S14a motor in an S13 – anyone know what I need?

It came in a box with polystyrene and bubble wrap. (everyone does box-opening pics so I wanted to be cool too)

Here’s a better picture of the bubble wrap. As you can see, the radiator had been removed from the box at this stage. (well come on, how exciting did you expect the captions to be? It’s a radiator.)

Bent fins courtesy of my clumsiness. Cool pattern courtesy of an optical illusion.

Welds aren’t magnificent, but every bit as good as I need them to be. You can see the thickness of the radiator here too. Yes, there’s a lot of car parts on my floor now.

Came with a 1.1 bar cap too. Score!

I’ll need to paint my fan shroud now to make it look as nice as the radiator. I’d like to do it white to match the rocker cover, but that might look over the top. Maybe body colour? We’ll see.

More parts to come next week. Including that elusive bodykit, I hope.

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