Low & Slow: MX5 @ Haunted Hills

OK that was a bit harsh, it isn’t actually that slow. But it rhymes.

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. With the way the media is carrying on this week, I could be excused for not updating for fear of being jailed for glorifying “hoon behaviour”. But the truth is I’ve just been a bit busy, and nothing notable has happened with my car. So instead of my car, I’m giving you some photos I took of Warwick’s MX5 a couple of months back at Haunted Hills, near Moe.

If you’re looking at the background, try and focus on the Primal Garage cars behind the MX5 rather than the high-rise S14a next to it…

16×8 +4 Superlights. If you’re building an MX5 yourself, you could do a whole lot worse…

Great stance. He’s executed the look perfectly.

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