Photoshoot: Galant @ Night

Was a pretty night last night and I felt inspired to get out and take some shots using my new tripod. Unfortunately my camera battery died about 15 minutes in, but I still managed to get some nice shots. I’m probably going to head back out in the next few days and take some more. If they turn out good you lovely kids will be the first to know.

I’m still a photo n00b so they’re not perfect but I’m still happy with a few of them.

This is where it all used to happen, back in the day. “The Underground”. Good times. It is looking cooler than ever, too, thanks to some artwork.

The last 2 pics are taken at the old Black Hill Lookout. That used to be an amazing place and plenty has happened there (trust me – plenty), but unfortunately the road has started to kinda fall down the cliff so it has been closed. Once upon a time you could have taken shots with the city lights dominating the background but now the above shot is about the best you can do.

Ah well, time moves on, I guess.

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