Whaaa?: Parts For The Galant

This doesn’t happen often. Much like an intelligent, bookish child with a sports star for a sibling, my Galant VR4 often gets neglected. But sometimes, very occasionally, the bookish child gets to shine. Like that episode where Lisa becomes a goaltender. Today was my Galant’s goaltender moment.

Yes, that’s right. I bought a brown wall.

The eagle eyed among you, though, may have spotted an Evo 7 cooler in front of that brown wall. Super excited about getting this fitted up to the car – it should really give the front a menacing look and, more importantly, allow me a bit of headroom to up the boost to 14-15psi when the time comes. Look for that to happen in a few months (the Silvia project will be taking up too much of my time to do it sooner), but in the meantime I will be fitting the cooler & having a full hard piping kit fabricated for it as well.

In addition I made a little impulse buy when I bought the cooler, which also arrived today.

I didn’t really give it much thought when I bought it. I didn’t even pay attention to what model it was. I was a little bit overwhelmed with nostalgia, therefore, when I opened the box and saw what I’d bought. But the less said about that the better.

Absolutely love this pic! My room looks kinda pimp at the moment.

Not sure what I’ll use it for yet. Maybe replace the Silvia one when that dies. It’d look nice in there.

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