Project Silvia: Out, Damn Clutch!

Almost certainly the first Shakespeare reference on GD… Anyway, the clutch in the Silvia was kinda tired. I just didn’t realise exactly how tired until today.

As you can see, there was absolutely nothing left. The clutch was a “Valeo”, whatever that is. Made in Korea. Wonder why it didn’t last. Anyway…

The flywheel is actually not bad. You can see that the clutch has been slipping like mad, but it doesn’t look like the flywheel has been destroyed. The one that came out of my old Silvia was a lot worse, and we salvaged it. This one should just need a good machine. Should get that done this week.

Here’s the new clutch. I actually bought this for my old Silvia that never got put back together, hence the corrosion on it. I’ll clean all that up though and it’ll be fine. It is an Exedy HD clutch that has apparently been modified for more clamping pressure. The seller told me it should be good for 280rwkw, and I’m making a fair bit less than that with my GT2530 so I think it’ll suit my setup well.

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