Project Silvia: Engine Out, New Tail Lights!

Things have been happening.

A nagging problem I’ve had with my car is that there’s a tiny kink in the left hand chassis rail. The car drives straight etc, but this has been nagging me and I figure I’m never going to be happy with it until I fix it. So out came the engine (in 33 degree heat while suffering from the flu) and the car will be off to Primal Garage in a week or so to get some love!

While the engine is out I plan to fit a new Exedy clutch & a new Trust intercooler kit. But more on that when it happens. I’ll probably do new heater hoses etc too I guess.

My lovely S14a SR20. Any ideas for a new rocker cover colour? Was considering white… Note the 1986 Mazda 626 Coupe Turbo seatbelt. Only the best at GD.

Gratuitous HKS photo.

In addition, my new tail lights arrived!:

They’ll be a fantastic finishing touch once the car is all done.

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