Needs More Car Content: Lucky My Rims Are Finished!

OK so 3 music posts in a row is plenty. Here’s some car stuff… My rims have been a long and winding saga. What should have been a 3 week restoration job has now stretched to about 7, through no real fault of anyone (well one week was my fault, but the less said about that the better).

Anyway they’re done. For those of you not following at home (and given the time between rim posts, I’ll just go ahead and assume that’s everyone), the rims are Work VS-SS in 18×9 +9 & 18×10 +9. When I got them, they looked like this:

As you can see they were kinda tatty and tired and, well, silver. That’d never do.

So I had this done:

^ Note the strategically placed Chuck Taylor. So excited I couldn’t even get my foot out of shot.

Picture overkill? Probably, but whatever. They still have a couple of tiny nicks but overall they look brilliant. No more lending them to people for drift days then, I guess…

This sort of signifies the proper beginning of the final stage of my Silvia’s build. Whenever something happens on the car I’ll be posting it up here, so it’d be great if you could whack the site in your bookmarks and keep an eye on it! I think these rims plus this:

should end up looking rather good…

2 thoughts on “Needs More Car Content: Lucky My Rims Are Finished!

  1. Will you fit these already lol

    Can’t wait to see this completed. These wheels are SOOOOOO much more epic then the drif-teks :p

    1. Haha the engine is now out, car is on the way to a panel shop next week so should be back home in about a month! Then give me a month to get the new kit painted & fitted, then wheels! Woo!

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