New theme took too long: It’s Conversion Week!

Sorry for the epic delay! Between trying to organise my USA trip (14 days…) and being quite lazy, the blog got neglected.

Never fear though, comnversion week is here! And not just engine conversions. I’m taking abroader view. To illustrate said broader view, the first car for the week is the Friends Racing R33.5 GTR. Now, I know someone is going to say it should be an R33.4, but I disagree. If it is part 33 and part 34, isn’t it half way between? Anyway, I think this car looks tough as nails. I’d go so far as to say it looks better than an R34. And it certainly looks better than an R33.

KPGC10 GTR badge contains about 4 million awesomes.


It has lots of things. And 550ps.

BNR34 GT-R V-Spec2 dry carbon bonnet
BNR34 GT-R XENON headlights
BNR34 Nismo type front bumper
BNR34 standard type front lip spoiler
BNR34 front defuser type front spoiler
NISMO clear front market lens
TRUST side skirt
TOP SECRET carbon rear under defuser Pro
Carbon boot lid
VOLK TE37 18in 10.5J+15 wheel
HKS TO4Z single turbine kit
HKS GT waste gate
HKS stainless exhaust manifold
HKS front pipe
HKS 272 IN/EX camshaft
HKS slide cam pulley
TOMEI combination metal gasket kit
TRUST oil pan kit
SARD fuel collector tank
SARD 720cc fuel injector x6
Additional Fuel line added
Uprated fuel pump + external fuel pump
(engine have been build in past now checking details)
HKS triple core intercooler
HKS intercooler piping kit
HKS suction pipe
HKS oil cooler kit
Uprated triple core radiator
Apexi radiator cap
HKS super power flow air filter
Fujitsubo Super-R Exhaust system
ATS carbon twin plate clutch
ATS rear LSD
HKS hyper max II coilover suspension (front)
Tein coilover suspension (rear)
Cusco Pillow ball tension rods
Cusco adjustable front upper arm
Cusco adjustable rear upper arm
Cusco drag rod (Hicas cancel rod)
NISMO rear A arm
Cusco carbon shaft front tower bar
HKS mixture controller (used as pro start)
TRUST Profec B boost controller
GRID T.S. Dancer torque split controller
Apexi Boost gauge, Exhaust temp gauge
Auto Gauge RPM gauge, Oil Temp gauge
Techtom digital water temp gauge
Pivot turbo timer
Nardi Steering wheel
Recaro SP-G seat (driver)
3in 4pt racing harness
Razo Gear knob

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