The End: No More Honda Week

Honda week (and a half) is done. I’ve had fun with it. So I need your suggestions as to what my next theme week should be. Note: douchey and/or impossible suggestions will be read with mild derision and then ignored.

To finish Honda week, though, I thought I needed to post some hatches. So:

Bippu Fit! There’s a growing VIP Fit (Jazz in Australia but I hate both the music and the name so Fit it is) community around the world. Here’s why:

…and, no theme week is complete with out some hilariousness. So here’s a race Honda City Turbo II! There things were actually seriously quick (the road going version was the quickest Japanese car available for a short time I believe) but how cutely hilarious does it look?

So on to the next theme. What will it be? You tell me…

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