Random pics: VIP RB Odysseys

I think this is day 9 of Honda week! Eh, whatever. I’m in no hurry.

My second favourite car Honda ever built (behind the early 80s Honda City, obviously) is the RB Odyssey. And for something a little different, and because there are so many amazing ones now, I thought I’d just throw up random pics rather than doing a car feature. So enjoy!

Pure & simple. Black & low. What more do you need?

Kits don’t come much crazier than Affection. Check out those skirts/door panels.

This gold one just looks perfect. Simple as that. Epic Work Equips with absolutely flawless fitment.

This one’s pretty simple again. Noticing a trend here? All you need to do to make an Odyssey look tough is lop a metre off the ride height, fit stupid wheels and whack a subtle kit on.

You wouldn’t think plain red would look good on such a big car. You’d be wrong though.

Pink paint and demon camber. Doesn’t get much more attention seeking than that.

This pic is here just for the quality of the pic, not so much the car. I will one day visit Japan in cherry blossom season. And yes I’m well aware of how gay that just sounded.

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