Crazy week, and a dummy fit of the Workies

Yes, it has been a weird old week. A fair few things have happened.

I finally decided that I’m not re-shelling the Silvia into a convertible shell. While it would have been very cool, it was just proving too much of a hassle and I felt I was better off focussing all my efforts on fixing and finishing my car as it is. So I’ve set my sights on that now, and things should start happening.

Now that I’m not buying another car, I’ve decided I’m buying a camera. Stay tuned. Hopefully the quality of the photography on this blog is about to take a leap.

Thirdly, today I got a promotion. So the above things, along with my impending trip, just got a little more affordable. While it isn’t a crazy high paying jorb or anything (if I’m not careful I might earn the average wage soon!) it is my first proper promotion in like 7.5 years so I’m not complaining.

Finally, due to the fact that my team at work dealt with a ridiculous volume of work last month, and the organisation has run out of awards to give us, we all went home at 12:00. To celebrate, I did a dummy fit of my new wheels. Not bolted on or anything (5 stud conversion will happen soon enough), just sitting next to the car. Put simply, they’re going to look epic.

One thought on “Crazy week, and a dummy fit of the Workies

  1. Haven’t been here a while, have also stopped doing my blog. Whoops. EEEnyway. Camera hey? Nokia all the way. Don’t listen to bear’s canon talk. Make sure it’s an SLR too! Nice work on the promotion, and nice work on the new shoes.

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