Step 1: slit my throat

OK, not that, but as soon as I typed “step 1” This could be love by Alkaline Trio popped into my head so I had to finish the line.

I started started today. The seats and carpet have all been removed from the car. The floor actually looks remarkably clean! One tiny spot of surface rust. Here’s how it all looks:

^ note the trusty Supercheap tool set. Garage Dusty: forever on a budget.

And here’s day 1’s collateral damage.

The carpet will be replaced by brand new bright red stuff, and the seats (not pictured, which is for the best) will be retrimmed in black. In the distant future.

I’m tired now (worked 5 hours overtime at my actual job, then home and straight into this) so I’ll leave the door trims til tomorry. I suspect the right rear door might be headed for the bin due to rust, but I’ll see when I get the trim off.

One thought on “Step 1: slit my throat

  1. I rebuilt the 7M entirely using supercheap tools. (except for one 26mm allan key) forever on a budget for life.

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