Another wheel dilemma…

I think my previous wheel dilemma is becoming clearer, but I’ll wait til I have actually bought something before I announce it to the world. Mainly because it is highly likely something will go wrong and I’ll look silly. But now I have a new dilemma.

Do I buy these:

Performance Superlights – 15×8 -29 (-4 with a 25mm spacer) and 15×10 -26. $1060 or thereabouts.


Banded steel wheels. Similar specs to the Superlights, $875 for the modifications plus the cost of the actual wheels.

I’m leaning towards the Superlights… Probably run a 175 front & 205 rear. But any helpful replies are more than welcome.

Stay tuned for some more posts over the weekend (hopefully) regarding the commencement of the project this current dilemma is for – my 1975 GC Galant.

One thought on “Another wheel dilemma…

  1. Hi Tim, 2000VR_4 here. I just clicked on your link for the first time, never seen it before, lol. Anyway, I didn’t know you were doing a old Galant too, nice one.
    I am going for widened steelies with mine. I got some 4×114.3 15’s from a wreckers the other day, no idea what they are from (toyota I think) but they were bolted to a TM Magna so I knew they would fit.
    I am leaving the front stock at 15×6 but getting the rim moved out 15mm to fix the offset and give some dishy dish.
    The rears I am getting new outers fitted in 9″ so should end up with about 5.5 – 6″ of dish :o)
    Our guys aren’t to bad price wish down here. $77 ea to have the fronts moved and $150 ea for the wider new rear outers.
    Good luck with your build, I will keep checking now, lol
    Sorry about the massive post

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