Sorry I’ve been quiet lately. I’ll let you decide whether it was laziness or an abject lack of anything postable.

Anyway I have me a good old fashioned dilemma. I want new wheels for my Silvia. I want something with a little bit of late 90s/early 00s Japanese drift style crossed with some VIP coolness. So basically they need to be wide, low offset and dishy. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Work VS-XX (I think they are XX). 17×8 -9, 17×9 +13. I’d run a slip on spacer on the rear to make them more like +7 or +8. These would basically give perfect flush fitment on my stock bodied car. I’d coat the centres black to suit the colour scheme. Would run 215/45 rear and probably 205/40 front tyres. The bonus with these is that they’re 4 stud – no 5 stud conversion required. They’re $1500.

And if I got them, I could run one of these:

Then there’s these babies:

Proud Connection 18×9 +4 & 18×10 +4. Now we’re getting silly… I’d have to pull the rear guards a bit (OK, a lot – as much as I could without wrecking the paint) and run pretty major camber. I’m thinking 5 degrees negative or thereabouts. They need a clean up, but they are reasonably neat. Obviously, they are 5 stud so there’s an extra $700 or so. I’d run 215/40 or 45 fronts and 225/40 rears. The wheels are $1800.

I think I’m slightly leaning towards the Works, but that’s the sensible person inside me talking. I’ve been obsessing over the Proud Connections for weeks so you can see I do rather like them as well.

So kids, what do you think? I need everyone to comment here and tell me what they think. I know I’m probably setting myself up for a massive fall as no one will comment and I’ll look like a no-friend goose, but I’ll (probably) live.

One thought on “Dilemma

  1. I think you should go with the second ones because then you can buy my spacers, like you’ve been going to for the last 3 years! 🙂

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