More nostalgia & more Z32

My friend Sally once had a very nice car. You wouldn’t know it now, seeing as she has a Commodore wagon, but it is true! I have evidence!

The car was imported back in 2004 or something. At the time, our beloved 15 year rules were in full swing, and the importation of interesting cars was actually possible! After a long search, she snapped this one up as soon as the photos were sent through by J-Spec. It is understandable when you see them.

Photos of cars on the docks in Japan always look so cool. I think it is some sort of evil plot by the Japanese to make us buy their cars.

It was an N/A 2+2 (stay with me…) with (from memory) a big single-sided exhaust, Ab-Flug aero, Bilstein coilovers, Work Meisters, Ganador mirrors, a crazy front strut brace, a Recaro SR3 driver’s seat, a Willans harness that was missing the rear piece and a pair of used Lotto footy boots. Win.

I still remember seeing it rolling up to the compliance place on the back of a truck. It was instantly apparent that she’d scored herself a tough looking, very Japanese style car. It had obviously seen some track work with the rough edges here and there, which only added to the appeal in my humble opinion.

The car is now in the hands of a new owner and at last check (which admittedly was a year or more ago) was living just outside Daylesford.

New Closure in Moscow song isn’t up yet. *Grumble*

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