Never, ever watch Max Music Channel

Let me set the scene. The show is “Hits of 1993”. Pearl Jam released “Vs” in 1993, with the singles “Go” and “Daughter” released in that year. Interestingly, though, Max decided that “I would do anything for love” by Meatloaf was deserving of the #1 spot for best song released in 1993. Meatloaf. Wow.

If someone from Max is reading this (I’m assuming that so little thought goes into your programming that all you do all day is sit around Googling the name of your channel) you really need to employ me as the guy who chooses the music. At the very least, you need to give me a show. An hour a week. I’m sure your regular audience of people with no taste who aren’t familiar with the concept that some 20 years has passed since the 1980s will be able to find something else to do for an hour a week.

I’m back at work tomorrow, so expect a suitably depressed sequence of posts this week…

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