New boost gauge for the VR4

Installed a boost gauge yesterday! The car hasn’t caught fire yet so I think I’m excellent at electricity now. Installation was pretty easy, the biggest job was running the boost line which required the removal of the wheel and inner guard. Once that was done, I lengthened the wires provided with the gauge by pinching some wire from an old stereo loom then patched the wiring into the cigarette lighter loom by just pushing the wires into the lighter’s plugs. All works well and looks nice, matches the illumination of my dash quite well. The boost spikes to about 9-10psi then falls off to 7-8psi, so it should be fun with 14psi on board! I’m hoping that a good boost controller, along with a new high flow cat, should help with the boost and power drop off at higher revs.

Here’s how the gauge looks turned off:

Turned on:

Close up:

I’ll do something about the exposed wires later but this is good enough for now.

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