Rest In Peace lost 2 members in the fires last weekend. Luke Jacobs and Nathan Charles were overcome while trying to save Luke’s family home. Luke’s parents were also killed. While I didn’t know them, I fully respect and understand the roles they played in the lives of many fellow members of the club, and I can’t help but feel their grief.

All I tend to do when I think of what has happened is feel guilty. Guilty that I’m fine and no one I know was lost, and guilty that I’m not doing enough to help. Sure, I’ve donated money like just about everyone else, but it is never going to be enough.

On Thursday night the club came together in a huge way to help raise some money and, in a way, celebrate the memory of those lost. 75 cars entered the Dr Drift charity dyno night, and hundreds of spectators came along. Nearly $3,000 was raised for the appeal. It was an incredible night, and one I’ll remember for a long time! The atmosphere was amazing – laid back and friendly, completely without the sort of posing you often get at car events. Great job by everyone. Also some great power figures made by friends – Matt came 3rd in his FC with 285kw, and Chris made 248kw out of his CA!

But yeah, this post is mainly to pay respect to all those who have been affected by the fires. Here’s the sticker that has been produced in their memory – if anyone wants one contact me and I’ll put you in touch with the people selling them. Proceeds go to the appeal.

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