Things I’d do if I had talent #73953

I used the internets too much this month so I’m on dial up speed now. D’oh. So this post isn’t going to be particularly rich with multimedia.

If I had talent, I’d make a movie. It might be a short film, or a long one, or a middle sized one. But that’s not important. It would be set in a small working class American town, and it would be about a working class 20-something guy dealing with a breakup and having a sucky job and stuff like that. It would probably look a lot like Beautiful Girls, because that’s a great movie. No one who has been in Gossip Girl or The OC would be in it. Actually, no one who has seen Gossip Girl or The OC would be in it. There would be one scene where the guy was walking alone in the twilight, trying to work things out or just reflecting on how bad things got, and there would be some snow around, and his slightly battered 1980s Ford F-Truck would be in the background in one shot. Oh yeah – the protagonist would have an old F-Truck. And in this scene, Brian Fallon’s “The Blues, Mary” would be playing. If he was up for it, I’d actually cast Brian in the lead role. He’d be great. I don’t care about whether or not he can act. I can’t direct movies, so I’m not in a position to be picky.

I don’t know how the movie would finish, it would either end with him sadly moving to a new town in a vain attempt to fix his life, or he’d hook up with a girl from his high school and life would be good again. Depends if I wanna be realistic or sentimental with the ending.

So yeah, if I knew how to make movies, that’s the movie I’d make. It’d be great.

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