Decotora! And the Tigers won again.

Nice win by my Tigers tonight, 99 79 over the horribly named Sydney Spirit. Backing up a big 28 point win over the Wildcats on Sunday night.

Main reason for this post is to show some progress pics of my latest decotora model. For those who don’t know what decotora are, get out of my blog. OK, that’s too harsh. For those who don’t know what decotora are, here’s a pic:

They are heavily, crazily modified trucks from Japan. I’ll do another post one day with a bit of history and some more pics. I love them, because they are a Japanese cultural curiosity. You’d never see them anywhere else. So I build models of them. The current exchange rate makes it a bit expensive, but luckily I got a few for Christmas. Firstly, here’s one I built last year (before the dollar went to hell):

He’s called Tenryu apparently.

After I finished the GTO I started on this one:

Here’s a progress pic I took the other day. I have since built a little more, and started on the box bit at the back, but this shows how it is coming along! I also quite like the pic. Sometimes my cheapo camera surprises me (any donations to the Garage Dusty needs a digital SLR fund are welcome…)

Once this one is finished, I also have these guys:

That one is going to be interesting, every one of those lights on the top of the cab have to be done individually…

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