Work again? Why? -or- Kei cars are cute.

I went back to work today, which isn’t lovely. In fact, if there’s an opposite to lovely that’s what it is. But I’m sure tomorrow will be worse, so I shouldn’t complain. Unless I’m complaining in advance. But then what do I post tomorrow? A cracking recipe for lentil soup? Oh the possibilities.

Anyway I was looking for a pick me up and decided I’d go looking for pics of Silvias with GX01s to remind myself that I work so I can get money (doesn’t really work because I get paid more to be on holidays, but you know what I mean). So I typed S13 Silvia Grenade GX01 into Google image search and up came a picture of my Galant! Strangely enough, it wasn’t a pic with the Grenades on it. But anyway. I think this means I’m famous. I should start a blog like celebrities do.

Here’s a car to spruce things up a little. Kei cars with good wheel fitment are incredibly awesome.

And look, as soon as you get famous people start stealing your ideas. This interior look familiar?

Just for the record, I don’t know what the hell is going on with those seat rails either.

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