Tigers V Hawks

Caught the Tigers V Hawks game on the weekend. Prior to the game I caught the train all the way to Ringwood (about 35 mins each way) to get the Pierce The Veil record from Fist2face, and when I got there it was gone. Yay. So I got back on the train and thought I might grab some Alkaline Trio records from Missing Link. When I got there it was closed. So it was all aboard the failboat for a while there. But the game itself was a great 27 point win for my Tigers. Saw the game with Grant, Bear and Bevan, all of whom I haven’t seen forever, and Grant even managed to get his head on the radio by way of his status as celebrity Tiger Radio emailer “Grant from Finland”. We recorded his bit (if you get ragged on by Andrew Gaze you have to record it for posterity) so if I can find a way to host that I’ll post it up. Here’s a couple of shots Grant took with his fancy pants camera.

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