Ghetto Hitmen: Tim’s Cefiro & Rob’s Silvia

A small town in regional Victoria might not seem like the most likely place to harbour a pair of authentic looking JDM drift cars. But it’s amazing what you’ll find when you scratch the surface of a town…

Looking like they’ve just rolled out of Ebisu, Rob’s Silvia and Tim’s Cefiro are pretty much as legit as you’ll find – hardcore inside and out.

Since you saw it last Tim’s Cefiro has copped some Work goodness in the form of 17×8 VS-XX front and 17×9 Meisters rear along with some general tidying up.

Teamed with the new spoilers and weathershields, along with the ever increasing number of stickers, the wheels finish off what was already an angry looking thing. And with an immaculate 240+kw built RB20 it can back it all up too.

It still has that stance that is the ultimate balance of slammed and functional.

Because drift is smelly, that’s why.

Rob’s Silvia has copped even more of a transformation. Gone is the big aero and the Gartmeirs, in their place a staggered set of 17×8.5 & 18×9.5 Driftmasters that give the car the perfect aggressive stance you see here, an aero bumper and Vertex skirts.

There’s no mistaking it for anything other than a drift car. Many a pressure pack has donated its life to the cause.

Controlling system for super performance. Yeah!

Careful. You might scratch it.

Yes, they do want to kill you.